Gillette Coupons

What is it?
In an effort to stave off competition from the bevy of online upstarts, Gillette has opted to jump in the game by offering direct discounts on its products. Visit its promotions site, click on whatever model you're loyal to, and you'll be taken to an e-tailing partner (such as and Amazon), which will fulfill your already discounted order. It's easy and you get your trusty, top-quality Gillette blades, which is important to those of us who are devotees. The savings, however, are far less substantial than what you get from other sources.

Does it save?
Yes, but only for products that happen to be on sale at a particular time, meaning that dedicated Gillette fans may have to visit the site several times before finding a deal.

Occasional prep kit deals may be worth snagging, especially for frequent travelers who like to keep a couple duplicates of grooming items handy. [Prices vary;]