Razor Pit

What is it?
A silicon thermo-plastic elastomer pad that cleans and sharpens regular razor blades, extending their lifetime tenfold. After shaving, simply lube the rubbery strip with cream or lotion, then gently swipe the blade four or five times along the Razor Pit. In our tests, after a few weeks, the moisture strip on our blade wore away and the razor started to look scraggly, but it was no less effective.

Does it save?
Yes. Shaving neck and cheeks twice a week, we used the same blade from May 2012 until January 2013. That's roughly equivalent to 36 days of full facial shaving or more, which is still impressive.

The pad doesn't wear out, so unless it gets lost or stolen, it's a onetime purchase – unlike razors. Also, fewer trashed cartridges means a lower carbon footprint. [From $25; razorpit.com]