Use flash, but use it indirectly.
Credit: Photograph by Ant Green

Worse than never bothering to use flash is opting for a mounted strobe flash that's blasted directly at your subject. The results are always uniformly the same: Subjects who look as though they're under interrogation, or an entire scene that's totally blown out and nuked with no details. "On-camera flash is the worst. And that little pop-up, attached flash on your camera is the worst of them all," Steinmetz says. That's not to say flash isn't extremely useful, though; to the contrary, using it properly will only help. "A good technique is to bounce the light off a ceiling or a wall, to make it less harsh," Steinmetz says. Better yet, invest in a wireless unit that communicates with your camera via infrared or radio-based trigger and receiver system. Mastering these techniques is an art form, but if indoor shooting and portraiture are your thing, then a flash system is essential.