The Merovingian
Credit: Photograph by Huckleberry McQueen

For the sartorially adventurous, there is the pinnacle of knots, the Merovingian. This unique style brings the traditionally behind-the-scenes thinner end of a tie to the front. A word of caution, however: A Merovingian knot is used only when the bottom ends of a tie will be concealed, so make sure you're putting on a sweater, buttoned-up jacket or vest. And, as with the Eldredge, don't upstage the craftsmanship of this knot with loudly patterned ties and stick to solid colors to make it work – or perhaps a simple, understated stripe.


  1. This knot begins as if you were tying a Windsor, but make sure you have the seam on the outside.
  2. Once you have the Windsor knot tied, you should notice that the wider, longer end on the front will have the seam running down the middle. Loosen the tie to the point where you can take it off, and flip it around and put it back on.
  3. The narrow end of the tie should now be in the front. Adjust the knot to desired tightness.