Cheerful Socks
Credit: Catherine MacBride / Getty Images

A colorful sock is a foolproof way to introduce some whimsy into an outfit. If your pants are tailored correctly, a sliver of ankle should be visible when you're walking or sitting down – and an eye-catching sock will peek through. If you prefer a coordinated look, make sure the sock is the same color palette as either your shirt, tie, or pocket square. If you want to have a bit more fun, go for a sock that stands out, maybe even clashes a bit.

If you have suit pants tailored on the slimmer, straighter side (wide-leg trousers are always the wrong decision, unless you're trying to hide gun) another option is to go sockless – "or at least appear to be wearing no socks," according 2(x)ist Creative Director Jason Scarlatti. Terry cloth insoles available at any drugstore are a good way to prevent sweaty feet, as are no-show peds, the pads women pretend not to wear under their heels. "They give you the modern sockless look with the comfort, confidence and support a sock provides," says Scarlatti. Buy peds with small rubber grippers on the back of the heel to prevent them from sliding down and bunching up in your shoe.