Detained in Russia, 2006
Credit: Karl Bushby

Hours after hitting Russian soil, Bushby is apprehended by the FSB, Russia's security service. "It was utter confusion," Bushby says. The Russians didn't believe his story; his pistol, satellite phone, and military past raised suspicion. "But I was kind of enjoying it in a strange way," Bushby says. "When I joined the forces in the 1980s, the Soviets were the enemy. And here I was in remote Siberia with a Russian officer in my face! I'd been prepared for this moment." After 58 days of interrogation, Bushby is released but - because of red tape - his journey suddenly becomes an expensive, stop-start affair. With the mission's coffers empty, Bushby is forced to retrace his steps to Melaque, Mexico where he lives for on just a few dollars a day, waiting years for a change in fortune.