J. Sheekey, London

"Without question, I'd have to say J. Sheekey," says Spacey. "It's fish, it's after-theater, and it's before-theater, and very popular in the West End." Founded in 1894, this seafood restaurant is just off Charing Cross Road in the heart of London's theater district. Its decor, a sea of marble, mosaic, and lacquered wood panel, conjures decades of history. In 2008, the restaurant added a more informal oyster bar with outdoor dining. Even though it's open until midnight on weekends, J. Sheekey's tranquil vibe is an oasis of calm amid bustling Covent Garden. London has been home for Spacey since taking over the Old Vic in 2004, and we can imagine J. Sheekey's as the ideal quiet spot for a performer who's resting his voice. [J. Sheekey; 28-34 St. Martin's Court, London, +1 (0) 20-7240-2565]