America's favorite new sport
Credit: Gene Sweeney Jr. / Getty Images

In Vancouver: Ski Cross

Call it a sort of ski stew. Take a little downhill, a little slalom, some freestyle elements, and throw it all together by putting four athletes on a racecourse at one time. What you get is an intense, contact-heavy racing competition executed at breakneck speeds. Based on boardercross, which was introduced to the Olympic program in 2006, ski cross is another in a growing list of sports designed to hold appeal for a younger demographic. Neither Casey Puckett nor Daron Rahlves, the two American athletes in the field, advanced past the first heats.

In Sochi: Luge Relay

New slopestyle events will get the bulk of the media attention, but luge relay makes throwing yourself off a mountain look like child's play. Three legs (one man, one woman, and one double's team) complete a race. When one luge racer gets to the bottom, he slaps a touch pad shaped almost exactly like a giant goldfish cracker, releasing a gate at the top of the course and getting the next competitor on the track. It's fast, it's risky, and – to American eyes at least – it's deeply odd. That should make for great television.