Shaun White's new rival
Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

In Vancouver: Louie Vito

Four years ago, "Little Louie" was considered by many to be America's biggest threat to White, in large part because he was one of only a handful of guys who'd beaten the "Flying Tomato" in a head-to-head competition. Vito finished fifth in Vancouver behind White and teammate Scotty Lago. He failed to make the 2014 team.

In Sochi: Danny Davis

The problem with Davis has never been talent – the dude can rip it. His historic weaknesses have been bad judgment and injuries, the latter often the result of the former. Davis was all set to ride in Vancouver before he broke a vertebra in a four-wheeler accident. This year, Davis comes in healthy and hot, having just defeated a Sochi-heavy, but White-less field at the X Games in Aspen. He doesn't have White's amplitude, but he sets himself apart from the field with unique, stylish tricks heavy on switch riding (meaning his back foot is forward).