The new Apolo Ohno
Credit: Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

In Vancouver: Apolo Anton Ohno

A big enough star heading into Vancouver that Alaska Airlines designed a Boeing 737 with his face on it, Ohno became the most decorated winter Olympian in U.S. history by securing two bronzes and a silver, bring his career medal count to eight. That's the kind of success that makes up for two near-misses in a more intensely followed competition – Dancing with the Stars.

In Sochi: J.R. Celski

After nearly severing his femoral artery five months before the Vancouver games, J.R. Celski, now 23, had himself a nice little Olympics, bringing home a pair of bronze medals in the 1500-meter and 5000-meter relay. But, like most things short track, his accomplishments got lost in the Ohnosphere. The swift-skating music fanatic – in 2013 Celski produced a movie on Seattle hip-hop called The Otherside – will have no such problem at Sochi.