Todd Snyder
Credit: Roy Rainford / Getty Images

"I get most of my inspiration from travel," says Todd Snyder. "My trick with what I've always done is to look at it as an escape from reality – whether it's work or anything else. It gives me a chance to reinvent my environment. Coming from Iowa, I never got outside of the state a lot. One thing I like doing is imagining myself in those locations. What would I wear? There's a certain way of dressing in Capri, for example. . . . If I had the ultimate wardrobe, what would I wear? I try to create the story of this person who lives there and it becomes more of a fantasy, movielike scenario."

"If you put James Dean or someone iconic, Americana, in that setting, what are they wearing? Paul Newman? Cary Grant? My new obsession is Alain Delon, this French version of James Dean. He's very chic and elegant but with a rebel edge. My guy is that. Spring was centered around the Côte d'Azur, from a trip I took there a few years back. On the Mediterranean, there's a certain elegance about it . . . the food, the architecture, the people. I like mixing the sophistication with the rebellious side, mixing a badass into my collection. Loosely inspired by the movie 'Purple Noon,' that embodied exactly the kind of guy I envisioned."