Plan ahead.
Credit: Paul Moseley / Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Getty Images

Since 2004, ESPN has simulcast 'Mike and Mike' on TV, adding a hurdle to preparing for a gig that previously allowed radio hosts to get away with wearing their native garb (which is to say, stained shorts, torn T-shirts, and ugly sweaters). Mike and Mike are given special dispensation to wear whatever they like.

"I would've gone into early retirement if I had to wake up at 4:15 every morning and put a friggin' suit on," says Golic. "That would've been the end of me." That said, attempting to pull together even the most basic outfit while fumbling around in the dark clearly puts one at a disadvantage. Greenberg's solution is to get ahead of this daily problem. "I pick out my clothes the night before," he says. "Sometimes I may have my wife help me pick out combinations, but it's the ultimate waste of time because generally you don't even see my pants on air because I'm sitting behind a desk. I mean, we could be wearing shorts or pants or Zumbas back there and no one would know the difference." 

Golic's system is less refined: "I couldn't care less what I wear," he says. Thus, he relies on a four-pair rotation of jeans and the same tennis shoes every day. For shirts, he relies on good luck. "Rarely do I turn my light on in the closet. There's generally enough light from the bathroom to light up the closet a little bit," he says, "so I know if I'm picking out a T-shirt instead of a regular shirt. That's really all that matters."