Ambrosi Abrianna A.A. Pro golf bag

Harvested in Australia (or Africa), dyed at a Parisian tannery, shaped and stitched by expert craftsmen in Milan, then sent to a Madison Avenue showroom, every Ambrosi Abrianna golf bag (not to mention its python briefcases and crocodile handbags) logs an intimidating number of frequent flyer miles. (Thus, the equally imposing price.) Made from either fine crocodile (black) or ostrich (grey) leathers, each limited-edition piece has been crafted from a single skin, giving the bag unmatched durability. But that $62,000 price tag doesn't only buy you bragging rights on the links. The gaudy sales price also nets you a 24-karat gold-plated insignia on the bag engraved with your name and an edition number, plus a certificate of authenticity. The only thing it can't do is improve your short game. [$62,000;]