Bianchi Oltre XR.2 Super Record EPS road bike

In Italian, oltre means "beyond," and the term is perfectly suited to the XR.2 – not just for its otherworldly price tag. Every inch of Bianchi's highest-end road bike has been designed to trim weight and improve aerodynamics, from brake cables that have been routed internally and a tapered head tube to the parts that would normally be easy to overlook, like the newly redesigned seat post. The end result is 30 fewer grams on an astonishingly svelte body, meaning this 6.5kg feat of engineering weighs in at just over 14 pounds, or a heft perfect for picking up speed on flat and downhill segments. Even better, despite trimming weight, Bianchi has somehow found a way to strengthen the frame by a full 20 percent with the help of a more rigid bottom bracket and, at the front end, the innovative use of UMS40 and CN60 ultrahigh modulus carbon fibers. Translation: molto buono. [$14,000.00;]