Bosworth Tennis Tour 96 custom racquet

Do you have a continental or semi-Western forehand? How would you rate your volleys on a scale from "poor" to "world class"? Do your hands ever get sweaty and make you lose your grip? Step one in owning a Bosworth, the premiere racket – or, as they like to say, "racquet" – on the market, is to answer the company's shockingly thorough questionnaire. It may seem like too much, but over 30 years Bosworth has learned that players will alter their style for the worse when using a racket that doesn't fit their game. Armed with your answers, Bosworth will create a fully customized racket using its 10-Point Performance Fitting System (balance points, grip shapes, string tension, etc.), crafting their instantly recognizable 10-sided head shape design in 67 meticulous steps. The system has been the choice of tennis royalty – think Connors, Edberg, Sampras, and Lendl – so it's worth every penny. [$399.95;]