Feathercraft K2 Expedition kayak

As its name suggests, though it weighs just 87 pounds when assembled, the high-volume, 20-foot Feathercraft K2 can handle a payload up to an astonishing 700 pounds. So besides taking along a particularly husky companion, it's also perfect for a multiweek camping trip, especially thanks to bow and stern access hatches for storing gear. Despite its payload capacity, the K2 is still nimble in water. Its upswept bow keeps the paddler in front nice and dry, and the padded sling-style seats provide actual comfort (a rarity in the kayak world), while the 33-inch-wide beam and internal air sponsons provide stability even in choppy waters. When you're landlocked, simply disassemble it (you get a duffel-style bag for the frame and a nylon one for the skin) until the next time open water calls. The hefty price tag also nets you a repair kit complete with pieces of kayak skin and accessory fabrics and, perhaps most important, an assembly how-to DVD. [$7,240; feathercraft.com]