Gorsuch Laisa skis

Any company founded by two all-pro skiers who fell in love while competing in the Olympics just has to be good. Such is the history of Gorsuch, created by Renie and David after their serendipitous meeting at the 1960 Squaw Valley games. Though the company is best known for its apparel and accessories, the pair's hand-built line of Zai skis finds a way to innovate while being beautifully simple – a concept perfectly embodied by the double-tip geometry of their Laisa skis. That narrow front tip glides through deep snow like a hot knife through butter, gently supporting the second tip as it creates the perfect amount of uplift. But you don't need perfect powder for these Laisas to prove their dominance, as their HRC 38 steel edges and nano high-speed surfacing allow the skis to handle the hardest crust without catching an edge and going head over heels. [$4,900; gorsuch.com]