Jimmy Lewis M-14 paddleboard

The M stands for Maui, home of the Kanaha Race Series where Jimmy Lewis' boards do their most famous record breaking. (Eric Beale, the first person ever to top 40 knots on a paddleboard, was atop a Lewis, and living legend Laird Hamilton counts himself among the master shaper's devotees.) The "14" represents this board's length, giving it the ideal planing hull for catching swells and a nose rocker to keep the bow from getting burying in troughs. Likewise, its extra width (28 inches) makes the M-14 more stable than other Lewis models and lightning fast when it hits open water – perfect for downwind runs or just cruising with glide. The sticker price includes a center fin, integrated deck pad and Gore-Tex self-regulating air vent, but all that matters is that you'll rule the waves with the combination of speed, control, and stability that can only come from the hands of a legend. [$2,200; jimmylewis.com]