Sonny Barger's Hollister Run

Endpoints: Cave Creek, Arizona, and Hollister, California
Route: U.S. 40 to California, to Route 58 over to U.S. 5, and then up to U.S. 152 to Hollister
Distance: 800 miles
Estimated time: 11 hours (one way)

In his words: "I just want to ride – I don't care where I'm going. But if I had a favorite route, it would be going to Hollister, because that's where it all started – the lifestyle, I mean. The American Motorcyclist Association put on a gypsy tour in every state, and in 1947 California's was at Hollister, and they ended up making the movie 'The Wild One' out of it. I wasn't there – I was nine– but myself and another club member initiated the 50-year anniversary there. On July 4 weekend, the place is like a small Sturgis – but the rest of the year it's quiet. We rode through 127-degree heat the last time we did this trip; we had to stop every 15 miles to drink water, and we were still dehydrated."

Barger is a founding member of the Oakland Hells Angels and the author of books including 'Let's Ride: Sonny Barger's Guide to Motorcycling.'