Best Car
Credit: Stephanie Blomkamp / Sony Pictures / Everett

1. 1976 Formula One Racecars, Rush

Director Ron Howard managed to pull together an impressive number of authentic 1976 Formula One cars for Rush, the true story of the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. That all-star automotive slate included McLaren 23s, Lotus 77s, a Ferrari 312T and 312T2, a couple of six-wheeled Tyrrells. The team also built stunt doubles of the McLarens and the Ferraris. Forgive us for not being able to pick just one.

2. Ferrari California, The Counselor

It was the one scene from this movie everybody talked about: When Renier's mistress, Malinka, climbs on the hood of his bright yellow Ferrari California and, uh, has her way with it. Ferrari wouldn't comment on the sex, but the company did release a statement: "We were indeed aware of the Ferrari California's presence in the film, a star among the stars of this talented cast."

3. 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, Fast & Furious 6

Dominic Toretto moves away from the 1970s Chargers he drove in Fast and Furious' past and instead gets behind the wheel of a 1969 Daytona, a car built for racing. The car used in the movie isn't an authentic Daytona at all, but a custom-built model created by picture car coordinator Dennis McCarthy specifically to maximize its stunt potential.

4. 2013 Nissan GT-R, Elysium

Buggati makes Elysium's sleek spaceships, but for the Earth-bound vehicles, director Neil Blomkamp went with a heavily armored 2013 Nissan GT-R – which, according to the film's timeline, would make the car about 140 years old. Impressive.

WINNER: Elysium. Who knew a Nissan GT-R would last 140 years?