Best Drink
Credit: Laurie Sparham / Focus Features / Everett

1. Crowning Glory Beer, The World's End

Five friends returned to their hometown of Newton Haven. Twelve pubs, sixty pints, one epically apocalyptic pub crawl. The brew that kicks it all off is Crowning Glory, one of the few beers served in Newton Haven. Yes, it's a real beer, made by Tring Brewery, a full-bodied British brew with a whopping 6.5 percent alcohol per volume.

2. Gin Martini, The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort's introduction to the morally bereft world of Wall Street comes via his very first boss, broker Mark Hanna. On Belfort's first day, Hanna takes the newbie out to lunch – where he sucks down martini after martini and, in one of many memorable moments from the film, hums and thumps on his chest.

3. Miller Lite, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Everyone knows that Ron Burgundy loves his scotch. But in the sequel, the legendary news anchor moves to a new decade and a new drink: Miller Lite. Ron has stocked his RV with the beer, and he and buddies Brick, Brian, and Champ are swigging just before Ron discovers "cruise control" doesn't mean the RV will drive itself.

4. Galliano, American Hustle

That beverage that Irving and Rosalyn Rosenfeld and Mayor Carmine Polito and his wife Dolly drink to excess together? It's Galliano, an Italian herbal liqueur made of vanilla, ginger, juniper, musk yarrow, and lavender. It comes in both 60 proof and 84.6 proof. No wonder Rosalyn shivered a little after knocking it back.

5. Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, Drinking Buddies

This Olivia Wilde- and Anna Kendrick-starring flick was filmed in a real brewery – Chicago's Revolution Brewery. The actors didn't just play their parts; they did work at the brewery, drank its beer to familiarize themselves with the booze so they could better improvise scenes, and even drank a variety of beers while filming, including Half Acre Brewery's Daisy Cutter Pale Ale as well as brews from Revolution and Three Floyds Brewing. Kendrick confessed to being drunk while filming one scene where her character pounds an IPA. And with all that delicious craft beer available for the drinking, who can blame her?

WINNER: The World's End: For its celebration of the British Pub.