Best Facial Hair
Credit: Sean Cliver / Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

1. Joaquin Phonix, Her

In the future, men with moustaches still have a hard time finding love – and that's exactly the case for Theodore Twombly, a sensitive guy whose job it is to handwrite meaningful letters for other people. Thankfully, the hair on his upper lip didn't stop him from finding the iOS of his dreams. Actor Joaquin Phoenix says the moustache was director Spike Jonze's idea – and reportedly may have been influenced by President Theordore Roosevelt.

2. Will Ferrell, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Ron Burgundy's marvelous moustache is almost its own character in the Anchorman films. And before you ask, yes, the 'stache was real – and, thanks to the trimming required to maintain it (not to mention the fact that it got in the way during eating) actor Will Ferrell wasn't really a fan.

3. Oscar Isaac, Inside Llewyn Davis

Folk singer/songwriter Llewyn Davis is unhappy that nothing is going his way – except maybe his facial hair. Oscar Isaac had a beard for his audition, but for filming, he trimmed the folksy whiskers in such a way that it made his face droop a bit. A beard that's both manly and sensitive.

4. Henry Cavill, Man of Steel

Before he becomes Superman, Clark Kent rocks one of the thickest, manliest beards ever committed to film – which, of course, spurred Internet discussion of just how he shaves the thing

5. Johnny Knoxville, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

No grandpa is complete without a 'stache, and Irving Zisman, the titular bad grandpa, is no exception. Underneath all those old age prosthetics is Jackass's Johnny Knoxville, who makes that upper lip hairpiece look good.

WINNER: Bad Grandpa was nominated – and just might win – for best makeup. The 'stache will undoubtedly be the deciding factor.