Best Suit
Credit: Warner Bros.

1. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

To bring Ron Burgundy out of the '70s and into the '80s, costume designer Susan Matheson put him in slim three-piece suits made out of fabrics like polyester. Because Will Ferrell is so tall, Matheson had a hard time finding vintage clothes that would fit, and made nearly all of his costumes from scratch.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

Costume designer Sandy Powell used old photos of Jordan Belfort to dress Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street. She also got help from fashion-house Armani, which not only designed the actors' suits, but also provided one of its vintage suits from 1993.

3. Gangster Squad

To outfit Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad, costume designer Mary Zophres made the suits from scratch in the 1940s style, making the jackets long enough to cover the butt with stronger shoulders than contemporary suits. Gosling's character wore three piece suits, and was the only member of the squad to wear a double breasted jacket. Too bad the wool gave him a rash.

4. American Hustle

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson used John Travolta's three-piece suit from Saturday Night Fever as inspiration for some of actor Bradley Cooper's costumes. Wilkinson made the suits from polyester and said that Cooper found them to be tight in the crotch area. Later, as the character infiltrates a more sophisticated world, he switches to wool three-piece suits.

5. The Great Gatsby

No matter what character he's playing, Leonardo DiCaprio looks great in a suit. Gatsby costume designer Catherine Martin worked with Brooks Brothers to create the suits for the film. And they're for sale.

WINNER: The Great Gatsby. DiCaprio wears one handsome tux. Bonus points for it being available to us all.