Pinterest is for curating.
Credit: Mike D / Pinterest

Pinterest revolves around one action, "pinning" something, which is literally clicking on the "pin it" button below a picture or video you see in your feed (a collection of all the pins shared by people you follow), on a website outside of Pinterest, in your browser's bookmark toolbar or on the service's iOS and Android apps. These pins then go into the feeds of all the people who follow you, much like tweets go out to your followers on Twitter. For your own use, you can also use these pins to curate collections of pictures based on central themes by pinning these images onto your "boards," which are online scrapbooks you create when you sign up. These boards are organized according to themes representing your interests and passions – food, cars, style, places to visit. So if you like, say, gadgets, then start a gadgets board, because tech is a popular category on Pinterest. Follow up with a style board for keeping track of clothing you like – it's a good way to discover your personal style so you can be better informed when you actually go into a store to buy something. Also worth exploring when you sign up: boards for food, drinks, travel, adventure, and, yes, vintage beer cans.