The Dead Sea
Credit: Getty Images

Why to go now: One of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth, the Dead Sea is the world's original health resort. Herod the Great and Cleopatra allegedly took dips in the mineral-rich waters, which have been said to relieve ailments ranging from psoriasis to osteoarthritis. In the past four decades though, the lake has shrunk by 30 percent and sunk 80 feet. The culprits? Surrounding countries tapping the River Jordan, which is the Dead Sea's sole water source. At the current rate, experts predict the Dead Sea will be gone within 50 years. 

How to get there: Access the Dead Sea from either the west shore (Israel) or east shore (Jordan), both of which host a variety of health and wellness resorts, as well as cultural attractions. On the Jordan side, the Amman Touristic Beach, a mile from the resort area, offers swimming pools and changing rooms for day-trippers.