Rely on a facilitator.
Credit: John P Kelly / Getty Images

Going through a facilitator is the easiest way to book surgery. The Medical Tourism Association, an international nonprofit, vets and accredits the outfits, so start by looking on its website of affiliated companies. Here's our short list of top facilitators: 

Surgical Trip: This Florida-based company provides dozens of procedures in 12 countries. It promises as much as 90 percent savings over a U.S. bill. []

Medical Treatments Management: Based in Los Angeles, MTM provides a full range of procedures, from eye care and dentistry to arthroscopy for meniscus tears. It also offers corporate benefit plans, working with employers. []

PlanetHospital: One of the oldest facilitators, PlanetHospital works with about 20 hospitals in 19 countries and lists information for all recommended surgeons on its website, including board certifications and whether or not they speak English. []