Develop functional strength.
Credit: Richard Bord / Getty Images

People walking their dogs in Nyquist's San Jose, California, neighborhood often stop in their tracks when hearing the sound of wood being ground on asphalt. A look around reveals Nyquist chugging down the street with a rope around his waist, dragging behind him a massive truck tire that's screwed to a piece of plywood. He says this medieval sled is his favorite training tool.

"I feel like Rocky Balboa. I walk up and down the street dragging this thing, and it just destroys my legs," Nyquist says. "People come over and try it and always walk away with a sore butt." Nyquist chose this challenge because it blows up his quads, hamstrings, and the surrounding tissue – the main muscles he relies on when pedaling like a madman on the track.

To supplement this workout, Nyquist says he is also an avid member of Fitness Never Sleeps, a functional training facility in Santa Clara. There, he works on leg-strengthening exercises, such as jump squats and explosive split-squats.