Stick to food classics when you're on the road.
Credit: Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

"I usually eat pretty clean, but it's more of a challenge when I'm on the road," Nyquist says. That's an issue with most athletes, who tend to spend long stretches on tour buses, and in and out of hotel rooms. Ryan's solution is to go with the basics: "A lot of eggs in the morning with fresh fruit and vegetables." Besides packing plenty of protein and nutrients, that streamlined breakfast menu has the advantage of being almost universally available, unlike most specialized "healthy" foods. While it's self-evident that eating a clean diet is good for you, Nyquist says that it's really about discipline – holding yourself accountable for making commonsense nutritional choices.

Nyquist says he is also a fan of smart supplementation, and in particular likes Pre-Race Formula by SFH. "Rob Darden is pretty connected in the fitness world, and he hooked me up with it," he says. "I drink one of those 20 minutes before I go and I'm ready – it gives me that extra little boost of energy I need."