MSR Flex 4 System Cook Set

Though it contains enough pots, pans, mugs, and deep dishes to cook and serve four people, this comprehensive, camping-optimized cook- and dining-ware set can be neatly squeezed, Babushka-style, into its signature 5-liter pot. This hard-anodized aluminum pot is ideal for boiling pasta, thanks to a latched-on, partially perforated lid that doubles as a strainer when you flip the whole thing upside down. The smaller, 3.2-liter pot's nonstick surface is ideal for heating up the sauce, since cleanup is easy. On the dining front, four deep-set plates and double-walled cups can serve up everything from cold cereal and orange juice to steaming hot baked beans and coffee. They're also color-coded, making them a favorite of germ-o-phobes who don't like to mix up their dishes. Too bad there's no frying pan for morning eggs and bacon, but MSR's Flex Skillet can take care of that order, and its removable Talon handle means it won't take up too much space in your backpack. [$160; Cookset;][$30; Skillet;]