BMW 3.0 CSL (1972–1975)
Credit: Courtesy Gooding & Co.

We've always thought the BMW E9 to be one of the brand's most elegant designs, and Gooding agrees. He credits these cars' desirability to the deep-seated passion people have for the BMW brand and their connection with the brand's driving heritage. Gooding singles out the lightweight, homologation-special "L'"cars, as "the most desirable of the run." The one (pictured) that sold at a recent auction for $63,250 was, in his words, "not the best possible example," given a bit of corrosion detected in the body (a common problem with the Karmann coachwork of that era), but Gooding is still bullish. "We might see another, more ideal E9 in an upcoming auction that would go for beyond this one's sale price," he says.