Mid-  to late-1960s Corvettes (1963–1972)
Credit: Courtesy Gooding & Co.

"I generally leave American muscle cars to other auction houses that specialize in this market," says Gooding. But in this, the 60th anniversary year of Chevrolet's fiberglass-bodied "Plastic Fantastic," he was willing to indulge in the occasional Corvette, if it meets his stringent requirements. "It has to be the best example of a rare and notable car," he explains. This pictured 1967 convertible with the big, big horsepower and desirable options like a racing-inspired suspension and throaty side exhaust pipes, not to mention a certified provenance, is the right kind of 'Vette. Nevertheless, its below-estimate sale at $170,500 may or may not induce him – or you – to try again later. (Meanwhile, you can pick up a later Corvette model for a lot less and just wait it out.)