Rent a very fast car.
Credit: Alamy

One of the ways the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps America's roads safe is by requiring that cars meet certain criteria. Unfortunately, some of the world's most exciting cars – and cars that are actually boats – don't meet the NHTSA's standards. TVR's sporty roadsters don't even come close. These speedy British classics lack airbags and ABS because the company's CEO felt that such Ralph Nader-approved amenities gave drivers a false sense of safety. TVR went out of business years ago – with that sort of market savvy one doesn't wonder why – but the company's cars are still much revered in England, where it is actually legal to drive them. Pick up a gorgeous TVR Sagaris at the London luxury car rental house Bespokes and drive into the Cotswolds at a clip. The car's performance is great – unless, of course, you hit something.

Other countries offer different opportunities for un-American driving. Across the Canadian border in Vancouver, enterprising drivers can find 2001 Nissan Skyline R32s – cars basically built for street racing – and make the drive to Whistler in a big hurry.