Take a puma for a walk.
Credit: K.Muller / Getty Images

Jaunts with wild beasts are typically frowned upon in the United States. In Alabama, Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the Carolinas, potential big cat owners have to go through a complicated licensing process. Outside of those states, it is quite simply illegal to own bears, lions, and cougars, which means you'll have to go to work for the zoo if you want to play with a big cat. Not so in Bolivia: Head to Comunidad Inti Wara, an animal refuge on the outskirts on the Amazon Basin and take your pick. Volunteers at this animal rehabilitation center, located outside Cochabamba, are encouraged to take one of the center's 40 big cats – jaguars, pumas, and ocelots – out for a stroll. The strenuous jungle walks keep the 70-pound animals healthy and mentally stimulated. In other words, walk at your own risk and pat yourself on the back in the process.