Don't Envy the Millennials
Credit: Getty Images

You might think 20-somethings, with their topped-off hormone levels and all-access pass to a hookup culture, are busy getting busy. But the numbers say otherwise. Researchers at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute found that, for single men and those in relationships, 22 percent in their thirties had sex two to five times a week, as did 20 percent of men in their forties – versus just 16 percent of men in their twenties. And if they're using popular apps like Tinder or Hinge for one-night stands, the sex that younger guys are having could be worse. According to one study, 85 percent of men reached orgasm during sex with a committed partner, but slightly fewer than a third did so with a person they'd just met.

The generation that has the most to worry about? Zerosomethings. New research has raised red flags about the potential of industrial chemicals, such as phthalates in plastic goods and bisphenol A in food can linings and thermal paper receipts, that act as "endocrine disruptors." While it's unlikely that a grown man is going to have his libido zapped by TupperWare, it is possible these chemicals can lower fertility rates, and even interfere with the normal sexual developmental of a fetus.