Workout, but Not Necessarily with Weights
Credit: Christopher Kimmel / Getty Images

You can read a lot of crap on the internet that says weights will send your testosterone levels and libido soaring. But that direct effect, according to Swiss researcher Brand, can last only six weeks after you take up lifting. Brand describes it as a hormonal "starter kit"; your body adapts to the new demands, raising levels of testosterone, and then it plateaus. Aerobic exercise, however, is always an ally. You may have gotten a gold star on your T labs, but if the miniature vessels in your penis go sludgy with plaque and your blood pressure rises, you're setting yourself up for trouble getting or keeping it up. And few things kill the desire for sex more ruthlessly than not knowing whether you can pull it off. In the bloodless language of science, it's a "feedback loop" – erectile difficulties dampen libido, which further deflates the penis. Says San Francisco life coach Robert Rudelic, who often helps men deal with the issue: "The first time it happens, in their mind it's like it always happens."