Good Health Natural Foods Apple Chips

If you've got to have a chip but want an alternative to spuds and grains, you can't get much healthier than apples. Good Health Natural Food's apple chips are low in calories, fat and sodium, while being (mostly) naturally sweet. There's some corn syrup added, but it's not the high-fructose variety. The chips are thin and nicely crisp – especially when compared to dried-apple snacks – though not nearly as addictive as potato or tortilla chips. That's a good thing because you'll likely stop at just a single handful, instead of mindlessly gorging on them.

Available in Crispy Original and Crispy Cinnamon, these chips are made from Washington State red delicious apples. An ounce has about 140 calories, 60 or so coming from fat, which is pretty high; it's due to the oil (sunflower, safflower, or canola) used in the cooking process.