Terra Chips

Terra Chips famously boast a full serving of vegetables in every ounce, but they don't taste like health food. The sweet potato chips may be short on ingredients (just sweet potatoes and expeller pressed oils), but they're packed with flavor. The company also makes varieties that include a combination of sweet potato chips and beets, and even a combination of sweet potato chips with carrot chips. The most exotic blend features a seasonal mix of parsnip, taro, yucca, batata, and ruby taro alongside sweet potatoes.

The sweet potato chips have 160 calories in an ounce, the same as regular potato chips, with a pretty high percentage of fat (90 calories, or more than half the total calories), so Terra Chips aren't exactly a snack for those watching their weight. But it's worth noting that the fat comes from canola, safflower, or sunflower oils, and there's no salt added. Sweet potato chips or varieties including carrot chips, beets, or exotic root vegetables are far more dense with nutrients than standard potato chips.