Black Diamond Halo Jetforce

Existing airbag packs have a host of issues because of the single-use, non-TSA-approved gas-filled canisters that inflate them. And there's also no way of knowing if your pack is correctly armed and ready when you need it. The Halo Jetforce is fan inflated with a balloon that's 25 percent larger than other packs. Turn it on with a button in the handle, and indicator lights will let you know it's armed. Slide the handle, and the balloon inflates in seconds. A single battery charge fills the balloon at least four times at zero degrees and then deflates for easy stuffing back into its pocket – no neat folding required. The fan keeps blowing air in the bag for the first three minutes to keep you on top of a slide, even if your balloon has a 6-inch gash from a tree branch. [$1,100;]