Bali and West Sumatra, Indonesia
Credit: Alamy

Gilmore's personal attachment to the waves in New South Wales is obvious, but she's every bit as stoked about the surfing in Indonesia.

Bali is probably the most widely known surfing destination in Indonesia - partially due to its status as a regular stop on the World Tour - but it can be a bit hectic, and the waves cater mostly to experienced surfers. "Bali is pretty intense. The waves there are also amazing though. Keramas in particular - they just had a men's (ASP World Tour) event there - and that's a world-class wave," Gilmore says.

For some of the best and most consistent waves on the planet, Gilmore recommends heading to the west coast of Sumatra, where the reef breaks of the Mentawais Islands provide what might be the best surfing environment in the world - an idyllic garden of waves, accessible only by boat.

"In West Sumatra, there are a bunch of islands called the Mentawais. You go out on a boat, everyone stays on the boat, and you just pull up to the waves next to the reef breaks and surf your brains out," she says. "There's like hundreds of waves around, and they're all perfect. It's a very dreamlike trip - you're pretty much guaranteed to get good surf."

Getting out to the Mentawais breaks from Sumatra isn't easy, but it can be done - either via private charter, through an arrangement with one of the nearby resorts, or by asking the right locals.