North Eleuthera, Bahamas
Credit: Chris Clinton / Getty Images

Like Biarritz, the Bahamas are a good destination for those looking to have a good time in the sun and catch some waves on the side. In particular, Gilmore recommends North Eleuthera, a tiny island in the western Bahamas known for its pink sand beaches and laid-back culture.

The waves in North Eleuthera are eminently surfable, if not world-class like the others on her list. From early Spring through sometime around March, reef breaks just off the island shoreline provide nice, long, tapered walls, with no traffic whatsoever in the lineup.

The true allure of the island, though, is in the overall environment it provides the intrepid surfers who pass through. "There's surf - it's not the greatest surf - but it's just such a cute little town, very simple, just real authentic Bahamanian food, and the people are lovely," she says. "It's a great stop for anyone looking for a (surf destination)."

And if it does the trick as a surfing locale for Stephanie Gilmore, chances are it'll do for just about anyone.