Salina Cruz, Mexico
Credit: Voegtlin / A-Frame

The state of Oaxaca in Mexico, though a popular surf destination in its own right, is still seen by many as one of the last frontiers of world-class surfing. Despite the good waves and warm water, big crowds are a rarity (for now, that's changing a little, to the chagrin of some), making it an ideal destination for experienced surfers looking to get off the beaten path for a bit.

"Mainland Mexico, Salina Cruz in particular, is one of my favorite stops," Gilmore says.

Less renowned than nearby Barra de la Cruz - and therefore less crowded - Salina offers world-class breaks, combined with a near-perfect climate, leaving little to complain about for anyone willing to make the trek out to the remote coastal town.

Those that have been down that way, Gilmore included, talk about an abundance of remote, and mostly unsurfed, hollow right-hand points. It’s no frills surfing, but if you’re looking to shred wave after wave without distraction, Salina Cruz and the Pacific coast of Mexico is a good place to go.