The Gold Coast, Australia
Credit: Heath Holden / Getty Images

"I was born in King's Cliff, which is in Northern New South Wales, and the Gold Coast - well, Coolangatta actually - has some of the best waves in the world. And I got to grow up surfing these waves," Gilmore says, noting how spoiled Australians are when it comes to surfing locales. "Greenmount, Snapper Rocks, Byron Bay all have beautiful surf."

New South Wales offers more than just good breaks. Surf culture is woven into the Gold Coast’s fabric, making it an ideal destination for novices and experienced surfers both in and out of the water.

"Byron Bay is a must-go for tourists - for anyone traveling around the world anywhere, really - it's beautiful," she says, her national pride obvious. "Noosa Heads is also another beautiful town. It's about three hours north of Byron Bay. And both of those places actually have really good waves. The towns are incredibly fun - good food, just good hang out spots, good places to just go have a beer and watch the sunset. It's warm all year round pretty much, which is great."