Don't Look Forward
Credit: Lance King / Getty Images

Filling out your bracket at home, it's easy to look ahead at potential matchups – particularly the exciting ones. For tournament teams, it's a no-no. Cliched as it sounds, the structure of March Madness allows teams to take things game by game. Advance through the first weekend, and there’s plenty of time to break down tape on potential opponents for the second. 

ALFORD: "I've got three coaches, so each coach will be assigned one of the [three potential first weekend opponents]. One coach gets Tulsa, one gets Stephen F. Austin, one coach will get VCU, and then they scout just like they would during the course of the year, as far as watching and preparing tape, and preparing a scouting report. Obviously Tulsa is first, and if you don't take care of that, you're done. So I've spent all my time with the Tulsa scout this week, and if we're fortunate enough to win that game then late Friday night I'll get with the next (one)."