Acura NSX

The original Acura NSX, introduced in 1990, rewrote the rules for supercars. Lightweight and stripped down but eminently usable as a daily driver, the underdog from Asia forced Ferrari to up its game. The next NSX aims to upend the supercar world again by offering performance-biased hybrid technology at a price that should undercut Porsche's similarly teched-out 918 Spyder. Behind the driver is a mid-mounted V-6, while the front wheels are powered by electric motors that provide instant torque-vectoring capability. Acura says the NSX, which will be built in Ohio, is three years away, and may be featured in auto-racing series in the States. The original NSX went out of production in 2005. Based on what we've seen so far of its replacement, it should be worth the wait. [Price TBD;]