Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7-Inch

The new Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet is so small, it actually fits in a coat pocket. The display has photo-like true colors and the same number of pixels per inch as the Nexus – more than the iPad. Amazon's update to its built-in apps, like email and a Web browser, is a big step forward, though still not as intuitive as other tablets'. And while technically the HDX is an Android device, Amazon's custom software is geared toward the company's goods and doesn't allow access to Google's app store.

So if you consume content mostly from the online retailer, buying this device is a no-brainer. In fact, after logging into our Kindle account, we were perusing our books and streaming movies in seconds. The addition of Mayday – 24/7 push-button access to a customer-service agent – is innovative but probably most useful for technophobic geriatrics. [$229;]