iPad Air

The big question surrounding the latest iPad is whether it's enough of an upgrade to warrant plunking down $500 if you already have an older model. The short answer: probably not. Still, for anyone who loves state-of-the-art gadgets or has yet to jump into the tablet market, this featherlight, paper-thin device is impossible to resist. Weighing a half-pound less than the iPad 2 (and yet still good for 10 hours on one charge), the Air is a portable powerhouse you can use to perform almost any laptop task, short of hard-core productivity like word processing. We found surfing the Web, navigating maps, and zooming in and out of thousands of photos to be lightning quick. Even editing videos on the supersharp Retina display with iMovie (now free for iOS7) was push-button easy, and one of the most impressive experiences we've had on any device. [From $499; apple.com]