Stay conservative with your lapels.
Credit: Photograph by Chad Springer

You can spot a good tailor by his lapels. They will be hand-canvassed (as opposed to machine-fused) and roll naturally. A well-made lapel will come slightly away from the body lower on the jacket.

But what about lapel width? That's a schismatic question. The only right answer is to ignore trends and go with something simple and timeless. Skinny might look good on 'Mad Men,' but you want to look terrific for decades so don't base your decision on what's on the cover of the latest fashion magazine. A tailor will have a standard lapel width. If you have a large head (no shame in that) then the lapels will be slightly wider to keep the proportion – the reverse if you're smaller on top.

Being stylish doesn't means existing beyond trends. The essence of tailoring is that you set a higher sartorial standard.