IZIP E3 Twn:exp
Credit: Currie Technologies

IZIP is another line of bikes from Currie Tech. Twn:exp stands for “Town Express,” and this compact machine is ideal for short trips and relatively quick commutes. The small aluminum frame makes it easy to store at home or in the office (though at 61 lbs you won’t want to be lugging it up any stairs). Normally, a compact bike with 20-inch wheels isn't the best machine for hilly terrain, but thanks to a 400-watt torque hub motor, this one zoomed uphill. Sporting both pedal assist and throttle mode, you have a myriad of riding options (you can also engage the throttle in pedal-assist mode when you need some extra juice — like to pass a slower rider). Fenders, front and rear lights, and a bell are all included.
[$2,900; currietech.com]