M1 Erzberg S-Pedelec
Credit: M1-Sporttechnik – Tom Gonsior

In addition to making bikes, German manufacturer M1 Sporttechnik supplies carbon fiber parts to Audi, Mercedes, and BMW — so it's no surprise that their full-suspension carbon fiber mountain bike is kitted out with top of the line components, and would be at home on any stretch of singletrack. In fact, the only difference between this and a traditional carbon XC bike is the addition of a 500-watt motor in the rear hub, offering crucial help up steep grades, tricky trail sections, or just riding the roads to get to the trails. The battery is housed in a water bottle cage on the downtube, and if you want to ride sans motorized assistance, the quick release rear wheel allows you to easily swap in any other 650b wheel — with significant weight savings.
[$7,995; m1-sporttechnik.de]