Mist Trail, Yosemite National Park, CA
Credit: Getty Images

Yosemite might be considered the Disneyland of the national park system: It's family friendly, offers plenty of facilities with something for everyone, and for most will require standing in a long line. Still, as with wild animals, to consider it domesticated would be foolish. In particular the popular 7-mile round trip Mist Trail literally hosts thousands of people per day during high season in summer and is groomed with steel assist cables lining the final climb to catch the breathtaking view of Nevada Falls. And yet more than 60 people have met their end on Half Dome – five in the past decade. To take Mist Trail to the end climbers should be in good shape, pace themselves appropriately and especially mind inclement weather or spray from the falls, which can make the trail and the cables themselves slippery and treacherous.